• USA-2015

    For contributions to just-in-time compilation and optimization and to compiler techniques for computer security. Press Release

  • USA-2006

Prof. Michael Franz was an early pioneer in the areas of mobile code and dynamic compilation. His current research focuses primarily on software security and on virtual machine technology, including just-in-time compilation. Other research interests include code compression, compiling for low-power usage, programming languages and architectures for component-based software construction, and service-oriented computing. Dr. Franz has graduated 25 Ph.D.s as primary advisor and is the Principal Investigator on a wide range of competitive grants from the federal government (NSF, DARPA, ONR, AFRL, DHS), totaling over $16M (of which $11M as sole PI). He is a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of IEEE, recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award, an NSF CAREER Award and a Fulbright Scholarship. Specialties: Dr. Franz holds 4 awarded U.S. Patents and has several further patents pending. He has served as a technical expert witness in litigation. He is a sought after speaker and panelist, both nationally and internationally, and a frequent reviewer for conferences, journals, and funding agencies.