My research interests are in the intersection of software requirements, architecture, and verification. These interests are driven by a strong desire to make a wide range of software systems safer, more resilient, and more secure. Specifically, I wish to (1) scale automated testing and formal verification approaches to the point where they will be applied repeatedly and cost effectively in industrial practice, (2) provide rich feedback to developers from verification evidence to help understand the relation between software artifacts and the adequacy of the verification performed given the software's intended purpose, and (3) formulate requirements and provide rigorous verification evidence for learning and adaptive software that will be deployed in cyber-physical systems.

I am a part of the Critical Systems Group (CriSys) whose research interests are in the general area of software engineering; in particular, software development for critical software applications - applications where incorrect operation of the software could lead to loss of life, substantial material or environmental damage, or large monetary losses. The long-term goal of our research activities is the development of a comprehensive framework for the development of software for critical software systems. Our work has focused on some of the most difficult and least understood aspects of software development - requirements specification and validation/verification.