Michiel van de Panne's research interests are in deep reinforcement learning, physics-based models of human and animal movement, motion planning and control, robotics, sketch-based modeling, and applications of machine learning to computer graphics. He was awarded the 2016 Achievement Award for his contributions to computer graphics. He currently serves as the deputy director of CAIDA, which is UBC's main AI organization. In 2002 he co-founded the ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, a leading forum for computer animation research. He has served as Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Graphics (2005-2008, 2017-2020). He has co-chaired EG CAS 1997, SCA 2002, Skigraph 2004, GI 2005, SBIM 2007, SCA 2011, and PG 2019. He has served on numerous program committees, including ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, ACM/EG SCA, ACM I3D, Graphics Interface, NPAR, and CASA. The work he did with his M.Sc. student Ivan Neulander helped form the basis of the Rhythm & Hues hair rendering pipeline for The Chronicles of Narnia and other films. His students and postdocs have (co)founded companies including Anomotion, VGC Software, Element AI, and Waverly; have assumed leading roles at Tesla (director of AI and Autopilot vision) and DeepMotion, and are faculty at ETH Zurich, Simon Fraser University, York University, and Leeds University, and CNRS/Ecole-Polytechnique.