Miguel A. Otaduy is an assistant professor (profesor titular interino) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC Madrid), where he works at the Modeling and Virtual Reality Group (GMRV), in the Department of Computer Science. He received his BS (2000) in Electrical Engineering from Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Spain), and his MS (2003) and PhD (2004) in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed his PhD thesis in the field of haptic rendering under the advisory of Prof. Ming Lin, and supported by fellowships from the Government of the Basque Country and the UNC Computer Science Alumni. Between 1995 and 2000, he was a research assistant at Ikerlan research lab, and between Aug 2000 and Dec 2004 he was a research assistant with the Gamma group at UNC. In the Summer of 2003 he worked at Immersion Medical. From Feb 2005 to Feb 2008, he worked as a research associate (oberassistent) at the Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zurich, with Prof. Markus Gross. At ETH, he lead the involvement of the CGL in the Swiss NCCR CoMe (Computational Medicine). Miguel is at URJC Madrid since Feb 2008. His main research areas are physically-based simulation, haptic rendering, collision detection, virtual reality, and geometric algorithms, and he is particularly interested in the simulation and interaction with virtual objects in contact, with application to virtual prototyping, computational medicine, animation, or videogames.