I am a researcher at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley. I am working on various aspects of cloud computing infrastructure and applications: Dryad [video] is the runtime engine for Microsoft Bing data analytics DryadLINQ allows you to program large clusters in .Net (now available for download under an academic license) Performance analysis, monitoring and debugging of large cluster with Artemis Large-scale applications built on DryadLINQ: machine learning, data mining, image and video processing, combinatorial optimization, distributed data structures, etc. A particularly exciting application is training the real-time gesture recognition system for the Microsoft Xbox Project Natal. I have also worked on program security and hardware critical path analysis. I have a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon (2004). There I worked in compilers, computer architecture, reconfigurable hardware (PipeRench: virtualized reconfigurable hardware, licensed by two start-ups), and high-level synthesis (CASH: A Compiler for Application-Specific Hardware). My old CMU web page.