How do we connect the brain and the body - via IT if and as necessary - to optimize human performance/quality of life? This is the question that drives me of late: how do we design whole IT systems - from back end to front end to the outer cloud edgess - to work with what we know about human physical, social and cognitive performance - to help enhance quality of life? We know that for so many problems there are not enough trained people on the ground to provide individual coaching; to be a personal knowledge butler (yes my soggy expression) or the perfect digital assistant to support us? As colleague Kenneth Jay says "behind every brain, there's a body" - to which i add "the converse is also true." these concepts are at the heart of the Human Performance Design Lab i direct at the university of southampton. Come visit us. Have an IT-to-performance question? Come have a chat; we can help. i'm also an nsca certified strength and conditioning coach, functional movement trainer and related. i care about helping geeks find healthful tao, too.