In DERI I contributed to the European project SPITFIRE, which successfully aimed at connecting the Internet of Things (e.g. sensors) with the Web of Data by employing machine-readable semantic descriptions down to the embedded devices. This allowed for unprecedented flexibility in terms of state description, auto-configuration, ease of deployment and application development.

At Insight@NUI Galway (and previously in DERI) I've been contributing to the European project OpenIoT, aimed at implementing an open source middleware to facilitate the data collection from sensor clouds, making the complexity and sensor network heterogeneity transparent to the user.

In the past, I worked within the Social Software Unit and the Linked Data Research Centre, under the supervision of, respectively, Alexandre Passant and Michael Hausenblas.

I've also been actively involved in the Outreach program in the role of organizer, facilitator and volunteer for the Women in Technology Day in 2011 and the Rails Girls Galway workshop in 2013 and 2014.