I am head of the Software Performance Optimisation research group. See also my official Imperial College web page, http://www.imperial.ac.uk/people/p.kelly. Final-year (MEng and MSc) project students: please have a look at my project proposals on CATE (Imperial students only I'm afraid). Project proposals are the starting point for discussion and negotiation. Project proposals are also good topics for Independent Study Options for MAC students - feel free to browse. Interests: •Languages, compilers, and operating systems for parallel computing •Domain-specific tools and active libraries •Computer systems issues underlying performance •Software tools for portable parallel programming •Irregular and data-intensive applications •Applying a broad range of mathematical and theoretical ideas to computer systems problems •Performance evaluation, modelling and prediction •Caching, combining and randomisation in processors, multiprocessors, operating systems and wide-area networks •Language, linguistics, literature, literary theory Not enough?