I am a final year Phd student at the Knoesis Center, Wright State University. My adviser is Prof. Amit Sheth. I have defended my proposal and preparing to graduate early 2016. I work in the Semantic Web Lab and I am broadly intereseted in Knowledge Graphs, Social Data, Personalization and Recommendation Systems, User Modeling, Applied Machine Learning, and Information Filtering. My disseration topic is "Personalized and Adaptive Semantic Information Filtering for Social Media". A summary of my profession activities over the years include: collaborations with DERI (Research Intern), Google, IBM TJ Watson Research Center (Research Intern) and Samsung Research America(Research Intern) resulting in successful top tier publications; A winning entry in the open track for the Triplification Challenge at I-Semantics 2010; Program Committe Member of conferences such as IJCAI, ESWC, HT, WI confenrence; Co-developer of open source projects Twarql and SMOB.