I'm a tenure track assistant professor of computer games at Aalto University. My mission is to improve health through exergames and digitally augmented sports that promote physical activity. My research interests include exergame design and gameplay innovation through technologies such as AI, procedural animation, and computer vision. The showreel above features projects ranging from my M.A. thesis back in 2001 to commercial games by Virtual Air Guitar Company and my group's recent research. I moved to Aalto from VAGC in 2012. My background is in human-computer interaction, computer vision, electronics, and audio signal processing technology, and before that in sound design, demoscene, short films, and theatre. I used to be fluent in AHDL, embedded system design, and several assembler dialects, but nowadays I mostly implement my game and interaction prototypes using C# and Unity 3D, and technology using Matlab and C++. I'm a hybrid researcher / engineer / designer.