P. Fournier-Viger is a canadian computer science researcher, who has received a PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Quebec, Montreal, in 2010. He is currently a full professor at HIT Shenzhen, since 2015. He has published more than 100 papers in referred international conferences and journals. He is also the founder of a popular open-source data mining library named SPMF ( http://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/spmf/ ), which has been used in more than 250 research papers. RESEARCH INTEREST In terms of fundamental topics in computer science, I am interested by topics such as: data mining, big data, pattern mining (discovering interesting, useful and unexpected patterns in databases), sequence analysis, sequence prediction, classification, cognitive modelling, and techniques from artificial intelligence. In terms of applications, I am interested in analyzing data collectedin the field of innovative industrial design. In particular, I aim to analyze data collected about how users react to specific designs, to improve the designs, or dynamically adapt designs to the users. I am also interested in e-learning, intelligent tutoring systems, social networks, web mining, and privacy-preserving data mining.