I am a professor of Department of Computer Science at William & Mary, and served as the graduate director of the department in 2010-2011. I got my PhD from Dartmouth College under the supervision of Daniela Rus.

My research focuses on edge computing, operating systems, distributed systems, cyber-physical systems, deep learning, security & privacy. It involves building and simulating prototype systems, and conducting real experiments and measurements. Check out our recent papers here.
I am current working with brilliant PhD students Lele Ma, Zeyi Tao and Qi Xia. I am interested in motivated students who would like to work on operating systems, security and privacy, deep learning in the context of edge computing systems. Recently PhD graduated: Zhengrui Qin, Ed Novak, Nancy Carter, Shanhe Yi, Yutao Tang, Zijiang Hao, Cheng Li.

I am the recipient of a NSF Career Award and an IEEE Fellow.
I am the Founder and Director of the Edge Computing Laboratory. My publications include more than 100 international journal articles, book chapters, conference/workshop papers, and technical reports. Many of them are published in prestigious conferences and journals ( ACM CCS’18, ICSE'16, Ubicomp'15, NSDI'13, Mobisys'13, Mobisys'12, Ubicomp'13, Pervasive'08, Mobicom'03, Mobicom'01, Mobicom'00, and Infocom'16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 06, 04). I am the program co-chair of ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing and was the chair for many other conferences. I also served as TPC member for numerous conferences and workshops and am on the editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing.