I have been working at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center since 1995. Currently, I manage a team of researchers in the Speech Recognition and Synthesis Research Group and co-ordinate research activities across IBM's world-wide research labs in China, Tokyo, Prague and Haifa. I am also an adjunct professor at Columbia University, where I teach a course on automatic speech recognition along with some of my colleagues at IBM, Michael Picheny and Stanley Chen. I am currently serving my second term on the Speech and Language Technical Committee (SLTC) of the IEEE. I have had the pleasure of closely working with students from several universities and serving on their dissertation committees. I am a senior member of the IEEE, serve on the editorial board of Computers, Speech and Language, and a member of ACL. I am a technical area chair for ICASSP 2013, was the technical area chair for Interspeech 2012, and was one of the lead organizers and technical chair of IEEE ASRU 2011 in Hawaii. I co-organized the HLT-NAACL workshop on language modeling in 2012, special sessions on Sparse Representations in Interspeech 2010 and on Speech Transcription and Machine Translation at the 2007 ICASSP in Honolulu, and organized the HLT-NAACL 2004 Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Speech Indexing and Retrieval. I review for ICASSP, Inerspeech, NAACL, ACL, and IEEE Transactions and serve on NSF review panels. I have published over 150 papers and been granted over 20 U.S. patents. My research interests include speech recognition and synthesis algorithms, statistical modeling, signal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.