Professor Sundaram’s primary research interests lie in networks and algorithms. He is interested in network performance and approximation algorithms for the design and efficient utilization of networks. He enjoys devising efficient schemes for improving the performance of network based applications and validating their use through innovative systems implementations. He is also interested in network security and game theoretic aspects of network usage. In the past he has worked in complexity theory and combinatorics. Professor Sundaram joined Northeastern in the fall of 2003. Prior to that he was Director of Engineering at Akamai Technologies, where he played a critical role in the buildout of the world’s leading content delivery network; he established the mapping group which is responsible for directing browser requests (over 10 billion a day) to the optimal Akamai server. EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA Ph.D., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science August 1996 Thesis: Interactive proof systems and approximation algorithms for optical networks Advisor: Professor Michael Sipser, Department of Mathematics, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA M.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science August 1993 Thesis: Spanning trees short or small Advisor: Professor Michael Sipser, Department of Mathematics, MIT Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering July 1991 President’s Gold Medallist – top-graduating student across all majors at IIT Madras EXPERIENCE Northeastern University, College of Computer and Information Science Boston, MA Professor May 2014 - current · Networking algorithms · Algorithmic game theory · Network science Associate Professor September 2003 – April 2014 Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Akamai Technologies, Inc Cambridge, MA Research Scientist October 2002 – September 2003 · Working on research problems in performance (measurement and improvement), algorithms for (ad-hoc and other communication) networks, and mobile and distributed systems. Akamai Technologies Cambridge, MA Product Manager July 2001 – September 2002 · Managed three product lines that collectively generated over $20 million annual revenue – Akamai Infrastructure Management and Analysis (user interface), Edgescape (IP intelligence) and Akamai Secure Content Delivery (SSL) · Created multi-quarter roadmap for Engineering based on customer requirements and competitive demands and generated technical white papers and service descriptions for Sales · Wrote grant proposals to defense agencies in the areas of security and cyber-surveillance Director of Engineering July 1999 – June 2001 · Managed a group that grew from 5 to 35 – 23 developers and 12 scientists(PhD) over 2 years · Led teams to deliver four new products from concept and design through to launch. As chief architect was responsible for all technical aspects of the products end-to-end – algorithmic foundations and system constraints to quality assurance and operationalization. Wrote code. · Mapper – Akamai’s core and proprietary technology for directing browsers to the appropriate Akamai servers · FirstPoint – Global traffic management service in use by sites such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and Verizon; directs traffic to and load-balances between content providers’ own web site mirrors · Edgescape – IP intelligence product in use by content providers such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and Nike; given an IP address returns a set of attributes ranging from geographic location to speed of connectivity, device type to number of users · Enhanced DNS – Secure and fault-tolerant DNS infrastructure product implementing BGP based anycast that is closely integrated with Akamai’s content delivery service; used by sites such as Yahoo!, Victoria’s Secret and BestBuy · Built a reliable, scalable high-performance network for http, https and streaming media (all three formats – Windows Media, Real and Apple’s QuickTime) content · Played a key role in the build out of one of the larger distributed systems in the world – over 13,000 servers in 1500 networks in over 65 countries Research Scientist & Developer January 1999 – July 1999 · Designed and implemented the proprietary algorithms for mapping – Akamai’s core system · Managed a team that grew to 5 – 3 developers and 2 scientists (PhD) Redwood Risk Management, Inc Boston, MA Software Developer November 1998 – December 1998 · Implemented thread-based Java middleware for generating summary exposure reports Delta Global Trading L.P. Boston, MA Bond Arbitrageur July 1996 – October 1998 · Developed and traded a wide range of proprietary fixed income strategies – from cross currency volatility and futures squeezes to statistical “arbitrage” and EMU convergence Center for Nonlinear Sciences Los Alamos, NM Finance Intern June 1995 – August 1995 · Implemented HJM-based two-factor model for pricing interest-rate derivatives Bankers Trust, Inc New York, NY Finance Intern June 1994 – August 1994 · Developed automated system to estimate year-end turn effect from futures prices AWARDS AND HONORS · Invited speaker COMSNETS (2016) · Best Student Paper Award ASONAM (2014) · Best Paper Award International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, IEEE ICDCS (2006) · Most Valued Employee award, Akamai Technologies, Inc, (2000) · President’s Gold Medal for 1st rank, IIT Madras (1991) · 8th All-India in the highly competitive IIT Joint Entrance Exam (1987) · 1st in the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (1986) · Top 20 all-India in the National Scholarship Examination in Physics (1986)