I have lived most of my life in or near London, Paris, and New York. My education began in France, and was continued in England for the latter part of primary (elementary) school and for secondary school (at Ealing Grammar School for Boys, now closed). For my undergraduate studies, I went to University College, Oxford, receiving my BA in Mathematics in 1978. I then came to America to study for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Cornell University; this was supervised by John Hopcroft and completed in 1982. After this I came to NYU as an assistant professor. I was promoted to full professor in 1990. I served as department chair from 1994-2000, and subsequently, I served as deputy director of the Courant Institute from 2003-2013 (with one semester as acting director). I was named a Guggenheim Fellow for the 1988-89 academic year, an ACM Fellow in 1998, and a Silver Professor of Computer Science in 2011. I am an author or co-author of 100 plus papers; the more recent half, accessible on the web, are listed below.