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    For contributions to data science, data intensive computing and data mining. Press Release

I have been working in the field of data science and data intensive computing for over 20 years. I am a faculty member at the University of Chicago and the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Open Data Group. At the University of Chicago, I am the Director of the Center for Data Intensive Science, a Core Faculty and Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute and the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, and a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Section of Genetic Medicine. At Open Data Group, I help companies build predictive models over big data and fast data. I am also the Chair of the Open Commons Consortium, which is a not-for-profit that manages and operates cloud computing infrastructure to support scientific, medical, health care and environmental research. I am the author or co-author of over 150 technical publications, and I have written a book for nontechnical readers called "The Structure of Digital Computing: From Mainframes to Big Data." I blog occasionally at Recent Awards and Advisory Boards: - AAAS Fellow, 2013 - Federal 100 Award Winner, 2013 - Member, National Cancer Institute, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research Advisory Committee (FNLCR), 2014-2018 - Member, National Research Council (NRC) Committee on Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure, 2014-2015 - Committee Member, A Review of U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Capabilities, National Research Council, 2013-2014. - Member, NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Information Technology Infrastructure Committee, 2009-2014 - Co-Chair, Defense Science Board Task Force on Cyber Security and Reliability in a Digital Cloud, 2011-2013 Specialties: My research at the University of Chicago is in data science, data intensive computing, bioinformatics, cloud computing and related areas. At Open Data, I help companies derive business value from big data and improve their analytic strategies.