I was born on 10th August 1988 in Guadalajara, a Spanish city close to Madrid. My city is located in a region called Alcarria, a majestic place with a lot of natural resources, gastronomy and tradition. Besides, I also feel very connected to the villages of my parents, Gajanejos and Muduex.

I have always been interested in technology, because I think that it can make a better world if it is used in a proper way. For this reason, I started my career at the Polytechnic School of the University of Alcalá (UAH). I received my BSc in Computer Engineering in 2009. After that, I obtained my MSc in Computer Engineering in 2012. I was ranked #1 as the best student of my class and I received the Outstanding Graduate Award by the UAH. My MSc Thesis in Computer Engineering (supervised by Dr. David F. Llorca) was also honoured. This work was based on a computer vision system for vehicle logo recognition, which was patented and published in ITSC.
My interest in computer vision grew and, after finishing my MSc in Computer Engineering, I started to work in the RobeSafe research group under the supervision of Dr. Luis Miguel Bergasa. In addition, I received my MSc in Electronic Engineering in 2013. My MSc Thesis in Electronic Engineering (supervised by Dr. Luis Miguel Bergasa) was honoured as the best of my class. This work consisted on a video-surveillance system based on computer vision for detecting suspicious behaviors in shopping malls, which has been published in the international journal of Expert Systems With Applications (ESWA).