Andee Rubin is a mathematician and computer scientist who has been combining expertise in technology design, math education, and artificial intelligence to improve math and science education both in and out of school for over 40 years. She has led projects to build and study software for elementary math education (ink-12.terc.edu), support high school teachers in having students construct infographics (science-infographics.org), use log data to support learning in museums (nysci.org/connected-worlds/), consider how mathematics is used in making (mathinthemaking.terc.edu) and study how students and teachers use software tools to visualize data. She was a graduate student in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and worked at Bolt Beranek and Newman before coming to TERC in 1990. She is an avid choral singer and has been a member of Coro Allegro for over 25 years.