Dr. Rui Yan is now a tenure-track assistant professor with the researcher fellow title at Wangxuan Institute of Computer Technology (WICT), Peking University, working with Prof. Dongyan Zhao. He is also affiliated with Beijing Institute of Big Data Research (BIBDR), working with Prof. Weinan E. Before that, he was a senior researcher in Baidu Inc. (Beijing Headquarter), working with Hao Tian, Dr. Shiqi Zhao, Dr. Hua Wu, and Dr. Haifeng Wang. He has a secondary appointment as an Adjunct Professor and External Advisor in School of Computer Science, Central China Normal University and School of Information, Central University of Finance and Economics. He served as a research assistant in 1) University of Pennsylvania, working with Prof. Chris Callison-Burch; 2) National Taiwan University, working with Prof. Shou-De Lin and Pu-Jen Cheng; and 3) Tsinghua University, working with Prof. Jie Tang. He is also proud to have collaborated with Prof. Mirella Lapata from University of Edinburgh, Prof. Jian-Yun Nie from University of Montreal and Prof. Xiaohua (Tony) Hu from Drexel University.