I am a principal applied scientist in the applied sciences – CISL group of MSR India, Bangalore, and am the technical lead for the members of this group. The group consists of applied scientists, research development software engineers and research fellows. The focus of the group is to develop: (a) machine learning and statistics based solutions for various applications and (b) algorithms for large scale machine learning. Applications that we have been working include: (a) service analytics covering a broad range of applications including service monitoring and diagnosis, intrusion detection (network security), etc., and (b) enterprise search and enabling mechanism for collaborative tagging. Our current focus is in building service monitoring and diagnostic tools powered at the backend by machine learning and statistics based algorithms. Our primary area of research is in identifying useful patterns from high dimensional time series data and relating discovered patterns for diagnostic aids. We are implementing an ML stack that is easy to use for service monitoring/diagnostic team members having limited or no machine learning background. My research interests are primarily in the areas of ML applications, large scale machine learning, numerical optimization and data mining. Recently, I have started to explore the space of designing deep neural nets (more specifically, LSTMs and convolution neural networks) that are interpretable for text applications.