• USA-2008

    For contributions to combinatorial auctions and mechanism design.

Tuomas Sandholm is Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the Computer Science Department, with affiliate professor appointments in the Machine Learning Department, Ph.D. Program in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (ACO), and CMU/UPitt Joint Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology. He is the Founder and Director of the Electronic Marketplaces Laboratory. He has published over 450 papers. He has built optimization-powered electronic marketplaces since 1989, and has fielded several of his systems. In parallel with his academic career, he was Founder, Chairman, and CTO/Chief Scientist of CombineNet, Inc. from 1997 until its acquisition in 2010. During this period the company commercialized over 800 of the world's largest-scale generalized combinatorial multi-attribute auctions, with over $60 billion in total spend and over $6 billion in generated savings.
He is Founder and CEO of Optimized Markets, Inc., which is bringing a new optimization-powered paradigm to advertising campaign sales and scheduling - in TV (linear and nonlinear), Internet display, streaming (video and audio), mobile, game, radio, and cross-media advertising.
His algorithms run the UNOS kidney exchange, which includes 69% of the transplant centers in the US. Since the founding of the exchange in 2010, the algorithms have autonomously made the kidney exchange transplant plan for all the participating centers together.