I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Information Management Group within the University of Manchester School of Computer Science. My research interests are centered around the technologies required to implement and deliver the Semantic Web. I teach on a variety of subjects including Knowledge Representation and Foundations of Computation. I am 1st Year Tutor for Undergraduate Students in the School of Computer Science.Up to 2004 I worked as a Research Fellow within the department. I was part of WonderWeb, a European project developing ontology infrastructure for the Web. I was also involved with OntoWeb, a European thematic network concerned with Ontologies, and played a passing role in myGrid, an eScience and Grid demonstrator project. Other, more recent projects that I was involved with included KnowledgeWeb, OntoGrid. Before that I was in a project known as COHSE, funded by the EPSRC under the DIM initiative. This was a joint project with the University of Southampton's Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia group, and was about using ontological services to enhance an open hypermedia system. My first work within Computer Science was as an RA on the GALEN project. I've been active within the W3C, participating in the Working Group that produced the OWL Recommendation, and was an Editor of the SKOS Reference, published in August 2009. In 2008 I was Programme Co-Chair for the European Semantic Web Conference and served as Research Area Manager of the Knowledge Web network of Excellence for its last two years. In recent years I have been involved in projects focusing on Semantic Grid (OntoGrid), models and infrastructure to support workflo-centric Research Objects (Wf4Ever) and scaleable infrastructures to support digital preservation (SCAPE). I have also recently begun to explore the use of semantic technologies to support computational musicology.