Shotaro Akaho was born in Nagoya Japan on July 30, 1965 . He received his B.Eng, M.Eng, Dr.Eng degrees in mathematical engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1988, 1990, 2001 respectively. Since 1990, he was working in mathematical informatics group of information science division in Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) in Tsukuba, Japan. Since 2001, ETL and other institutes are reorganized to AIST. He has been a group leader of Mathematical Neuroinformatics group of [Neuroscience Research Institute 2001-2010, Human Technology Research Institute 2010-2015. Human Informatics Research Institute 2015-now] of AIST. He is also a member of Machine Learning Team, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, AIST since 2015. He has also been a (collaborative) visiting professor at Tokyo Insitute of Technology (Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science) since 2013. He has been working as a visiting professor at Osaka University (Department of Mathematics, 2003-2007), a lecturer at the University of Tokyo (2008,2009), Nagoya University (2009), Waseda University (2005-), Iwate University (2010).