Simone Stumpf received a PhD in Computer Science in 2001 and a BSc in Computer Science with Cognitive Science in 1996, both from University College London. She joined City University London as Lecturer in 2009. Previously, she worked at Oregon State University (USA) and University College London as a Research Fellow/Manager. Simone also has professional agency experience as a User Experience Architect, working on web presence, e-commerce and social networking projects. Dr Simone Stumpf's core research focus has been on the use of intelligent systems by end users, end-user programming and information management systems. At University College London (UCL) she was involved in a large-scale user trial of biometric security systems and contributed to an EPSRC-funded project to design and implement a system used by security staff to detect and prevent theft by employees. At Oregon State University, she worked on the TaskTracer project (as part of the CALO research project) to develop an intelligent user interface system, targeted at information workers, that combined the automatic tracking of users' information resources and the application of machine learning to enable activity-based personal information management. She also has conducted research on the use of images by professionals and end users (specifically in information seeking) and how end users interact with music playlists. More recently, she has focused extensively on end-user interactions with systems that use machine learning algorithms. She has investigated mechanisms for and effects of enabling end users to understand and control email filters, text classifiers and music recommender systems. She is a member of the End Users Shaping Effective Software (EUSES) consortium, an international collaboration between, amongst others, University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Cambridge and IBM, to develop and investigate technologies that support end-users to directly influence software behaviour. Qualifications PhD Computer Science, University College London, 2001 BSc Computer Science with Cognitive Science, University College London, 1996 Employment 2009 - to date City University London, Lecturer 2007 - 2009 White Horse, Portland, UX Architect 2004 - 2007 Oregon State University, Research Manager 2001 - 2004 University College London, Research Fellow 1996 - 1997 BT, Project Manager Other appointments 2008 - 2012 Oregon State University, Assistant Professor (Senior Researcher) Membership of professional bodies 2001 BCS, Member 2005 ACM, Member 2005 AAAI, Member 2012 UXPA, Member