I teach undergraduate AI (EECS 391) in the spring and graduate machine learning (EECS 440) in the fall. I also teach two other graduate level courses: EECS 496 (Sequential Decision Making) and EECS 497 (Statistical Natural Language Processing. Currently, these last two are offered once every two years. You can visit this page to learn more about these courses. I am the current AI minor advisor. This minor provides a broad foundation in Intelligent Systems. CS majors interested in this minor should take the "Cognitive Science" track. All other majors can take either track. SEPIA (Strategy Engine for Programming Intelligent Agents) is a real-time strategy game environment my students and I have built for AI teaching and research (see EAAI paper below). I use it in classes for assignments. It is open source and free to use. Please let me know if you are using/would like to use it. I was the co-ordinator for the EECS 500 colloquium series till Spring 2014, from Fall 2014 the new co-ordinator is Prof. Mingguo Hong.