I currently lead the AI group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), am a core faculty member in the Cognitive Science Program, and an a faculty member at the Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (ICBS) at the University of California, Berkeley. I primarily work in the language learning project NTL , at the International Computer Science Institute. For a brief period, I worked at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at SRI International. My SRI homepage describes projects that apply aspects of NTL theory to System Building. For a recent overview of the NTL project, see Embodied meaning in a Neural Theory of Language. For an earlier overview of the NTL/Lzero project, see "Lzero: The First Five Years". Recently, I have become interested in Information Technology for Developing Regions (IT4D). For our initial effort toward accessible primary health care in collaboration with Hesperian Foundation, please see The Hesperian Digital Resource.