Stefan Manegold is a tenured researcher and leader of the database architectures group at CWI Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2002 and his Masters (Diplom) in Computer Science from the Technical University of Clausthal, Germany, in 1994. Manegold's research work comprises database architectures, query processing algorithms, and data management on modern hardware, as well as leveraging column-store database technology for efficient and scalable XML/XQuery processing, with a particular focus on optimization, performance, benchmarking, and testing. Manegold has co-authored more than 40 scientific publications, and recently received the VLDB 2009 10-year Best Paper Award together with his co-authors Peter Boncz and Martin Kersten. Stefan Manegold is a core member of the development team of the open-source column-oriented database system MonetDB, co-founder of MonetDB B.V., and co-founder of the DaMoN workshop series (co-located with SIGMOD since 2005). Manegold played a driving role in establishing the ACM SIGMOD Repeatability and Workability Evaluation, serving a committee member in 2008, co-chair in 2009 & 2010, and advisor in 2011.