Steph is a Chartered and Registered Health Psychologist and joined the Cancer Group in 2019. She works on the CanRisk project funded by Cancer Research UK. Prior to this, Steph worked at Imperial College London in the National Institute of Health Research funded Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC). Within the PSTRC, Steph led a programme of work looking at patient safety in mental health and was also the academic lead for patient and public involvement and engagement. Steph’s earlier work, including her PhD, focused on improving care for women with breast and gynaecological cancers.
Research Interests
Steph’s work has predominantly been in health services research, with a particular focus on cancer services and mental health. Steph has worked closely with academics in health policy, and she has expertise in translating research into policy and practice. Steph is also interested in the development and evaluation of patient and public involvement and engagement in research.