• USA-1994

    For co-authoring of 'An Axiomatic Proof Technique for Parallel Programs I', the best paper in the area of Programming Systems and Languages.

  • USA-1977

    Verifying properties of parallel programs: an axiomatic approach, Communications of the ACM, May 1976 (with David Gries)

Susan Owicki is a computer scientist, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellow, and one of the founding members of the Systers mailing list for women in computing.[1] She changed careers in the early 2000s and became a licensed marriage and family therapist.Owicki received her PhD in computer science from Cornell University in 1975. Her advisor was David Gries.[2] At Cornell, she invented Interference Freedom, a method for proving concurrent programs correct. [2] She was a faculty member at Stanford University for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments for 10 years. Her research interests include distributed systems, performance analysis, and trusted systems for electronic commerce and she published numerous articles and patents on her research.[3] In 1994 Owicki was recognized as an ACM Fellow for her dissertation work An Axiomatic Proof Technique for Parallel Programs After Stanford, Susan Owicki was employed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). She later worked at the Strategic Technologies and Architectural Research Laboratory (STAR lab) where she held a role as Associate Director. STAR lab was the first laboratory devoted to research in digital rights management and related electronic commerce technologies.[3] She spent four years as an independent consultant doing work in the performance of interactive television and delivery of streaming video.