Vedran Podobnik is an Associate Professor at the Telecommunication Department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. He is the founder and Director of the “Social Networking and Computing Laboratory (socialLAB)”, as well as a member of the “Laboratory for Computers in Education (eduLab)” and the ”Laboratory for Assistive Technologies and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (ICT-AAC)”.
His teaching and research activities are in a transdisciplinary field of smart networks and social computing, which is at the intersection of technical (computer science, information and communication technologies, information systems) and social (economics, operations and management) sciences. He led several national and international scientific and industrial projects. Currently, he is coordinating the scientific project Managing Trust and Coordinating Interactions in Smart Networks of People, Machines and Organizations and the industrial project A Platform for Context-Aware Social Networking of Mobile Users. He co-authored over 60 papers, including publications in Information Sciences, AI Magazine and Cybernetics and Systems journals. As a junior researcher, he received the Croatian Annual National Award for Science in the field of technical sciences.

He is a member of IEEE, ACM, INFORMS and KES International associations, as well as Cambridge Union Society.