My key areas of expertise are Databases Systems and Information Retrieval. I work on optimizing the performance of NoSQL database systems. I am also interested to make the information in databases easily accessible and useful, in various application domains. My research has strong emphasis on interdisciplinary topics, mainly healthcare and social networks. My key achievements include the NSF CAREER award, a Google Research Award, an IBM Scalable Data Analytics for A Smarter Planet Innovation Award, the FIU SCIS Excellence in Research Award (twice), the FIU University Faculty Award and the Kauffmann Entrepreneurship Award. My work has been funded by NSF, IARPA, DHS, DTRA, Samsung, Google and IBM. Our work on correlating Twitter and financial data in 2012 was featured by many mainstream media like The New York Times, Forbes and Yahoo!. In 2016, I co-founded SmartBot360, which is a cloud-based chatbot platform, funded by two NSF SBIR grants.