SPECIALTIES: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), strategic innovation, business development, user experience (UX) research, ethnography, quantitative and qualitative methods, user-centered design and evaluation, information architectures, future technology analysis and envisionment, consulting, commercial and government proposal writing, management of user experience research, management of cross-disciplinary and remote/long-distance collaboration projects, author, public speaker, vocalist. I am a social scientist by training that works very well with computer scientists, especially those interested in analytics and context-aware computing. CURRENT FOCUS: The peer economy (AKA sharing economy or collaborative consumption) and opportunities for innovation to turbocharge transactions, including persuasive computing and analytics and context-aware computing to compute, from profile, history and current context, ideal matches for transactions. I am also fascinated by how to design services that draw people in, especially to act in the interest of others or the community at large, rather than just self-interest. PAST FOCUS: I am internationally respected for my work on understanding personal information, task and activity management, especially when embedded in email. I also conducted a lot of research in the areas of mobile and ubiquitous computing, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-mediated communication and privacy. Some of this work is also highly cited.