I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. I teach and do research on software engineering and security.
Current Focused Research Areas:
Mobile Security (WHYPER, Pluto, AppContext[1][2][3], Telemade, MRV, CLAP[1], EnMobile, MalScan, TextExerciser)
Automated Testing (ORBIT, WCTester[1][2], NMTtest[1], REINAM, TextExerciser)
SE/Security for Machine Learning (PerInv, MRV, Telemade, NMTtest, ILFO, DENAS)
ML/NLP for SE/Security (WHYPER, Pluto, CLAP, SemRegex[1], REINAM)
IoT Security (iRuler)