Shen Wenbo, researcher of the 100-person program of Zhejiang University, doctoral tutor. He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2010 and has won the first prize of the National University Student Information Security Competition. In 2015, he obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. His research direction is system and wireless security. He joined Silicon Valley in the same year. Samsung Research America, responsible for the research and development of operating system kernel security. In 2019, he joined the Network Space Security Research Center and the School of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University.

Researcher Shen Wenbo is active in the front line of mobile system security attack and defense. Through analysis of actual attacks, the corresponding operating system protection scheme is designed, which has the dual research experience and vision of academia and industry. Over the years, many operating system kernel protection mechanisms have been designed, implemented and commercialized, and are used in more than 100 million flagship mobile phone system cores. Received two outstanding paper awards, including the NDSS Outstanding Paper Award, one of the top four conferences in the security field. The research results solved the basic problems in the field of mobile operating system security and obtained industrial transformation of large-scale academic achievements. One of the papers and two patents were used to protect the security of more than 100 million flagship mobile phone systems.