1. Ten years' hands-on experience of Econometric Modeling and Statistical Analysis involved with manipulating large complex data using R, SQL, Scala, Java, Python.

2. Technical expertise in Causal Inference, including Experimental Design (A/B Tests), Quasi-(Natural) Experiment, Observational Study (Difference in Difference (diff-in-diff), Instrumental Variable (IV), Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD), Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)).

3. Expertise in Time Series Forecasting and Demand Forecasting, including Stationary Analysis, State Space Model, Bayesian Time Series Forecasting, ARIMA, Vector ARMA, GARCH, and etc.

4. Proficient in Machine Learning (graduate course work in Computer Science), including CART, Neural Network, Support Vector Machines, Graphical Models, Dirichlet Latent Process, Ridge Regularization, and etc.