I am currently serving as VP of Alibaba Inc., and President of the Alibaba Cloud's Computing Platform business unit. My org focuses on building cloud based big data and AI platforms, serving public and private cloud clients. Alibaba Cloud is the biggest cloud provider in China and a leading figure globally, with Alibaba's own business running on it.

Before Alibaba, I was a director of engineering at Facebook, where I initiated the effort of building Facebook's general-purpose, large-scale AI platform from ground up for all Facebook's applications. The system serves as the backbone of Facebook AI products, such as ranking, computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, mobile AI, and AR.

Before Facebook, I was a research scientist at Google Brain, where I worked on computer vision, deep learning, and the TensorFlow framework. Together with colleagues we built GoogLeNet, the first neural network to break human image classification accuracy.

I have a track record of creating and contributing to open source libraries. In particular, I have been an active figure in the recent years' AI software stack designs: I am the creator of Caffe, which is now a BVLC maintained, open-source deep learning framework. I've worked on the TensorFlow project at Google Brain. Recently, I have created and led the Caffe2 and ONNX efforts. Caffe2 is one of the first deep learning frameworks to simultaneously provide high-performance AI capability on all major platforms (Cloud CPU/GPU, mobile CPU/GPU, embedded systems, etc.), and ONNX is an open standard for neural networks across the industry, creating collaboration among major players such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm, ARM, and many more. Although I code less nowadays, I still serve as a humble contributor to the open source community with full heart.