I'm a research associate in Advertising Engine & Data Algorithm Center, Online Media Group, Tencent Co. Ltd. Before this, I have 3 months internship of software engineer with SAP Labs in China, and 4 months internship of NLP engineer with Emotibot - an unicorn startup of emotional chat robot. Here is my resume.
I received Master degree from Department of Software Engineering, University of Tongji last year, under the supervision of Prof. Yan Liu. I also worked with Prof. Buyang Cao and WeiXiong Rao. I got B.Eng. degree from School of Computer Science and Technology in Nanjing University of technology.
1)The visit to Stanford Robotics after my presentation on SEKE2016 conference, 2)the Ted video of "Robots that learn from us" and "Robots - From Programming to Learning", 3)SpotMini from Boston Dynamics, and 4)the tutorial of Artificial Intelligence: Imitation Learning on ICML2018, really interested me and sparked my passion to develop my career in combination of Robotics & AI. Currently, I started to build a robot based on Resperry Pi as top shown, and now I'm looking for a Ph.d position in this domain.
My research interests include AI and Robotics, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Data Visualization, Data Mining.