Guiding of 150 keV O6+ions through nanocapillaries in an uncoated Al2O3membrane: special time dependence of the transmission profile width

Chinese Physics B(2009)

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This paper reports that the transmission of O~(6+) ions with energy of 150keV through capillaries in an uncoated Al_2O_3 membrane was measured,and agreements with previously reported results in general angular distribution of the transmitted ions and the transmission fractions as a function of the tilt angle well fitted to Gaussian-like functions were observed.Due to using an uncoated capillary membrane,ourψ_c is larger than that using a gold-coated one with a smaller value of(?),which suggests a larger equilibrium charge Q_∞in our experiment.The observed special width variation with time and a larger width than that using a smaller(?) were qualitatively explained by using mean-field classical transport theory based on a classical-trajectory Monte Carlo simulation.
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Key words
uncoated membrane,transmission profile width,Al_2O_3 nanocapillaries,guiding effect
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