Optimization of fracture parameters of fractured horizontal wells in tight sandstone gas reservoirs

Natural Gas Industry(2012)

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This paper aims to solve the problem of how to comprehensively optimize multiple parameters of a fractured horizontal well. First, based on the knowledge of unstable effluent seepage, complex potential theory, superposition principle and numerical method are adopted to develop a productivity prediction model of fractured horizontal gas wells with the fracture interference taken into account. On this basis, the rules are discussed on how an individual factor will have an impact on fractured horizontal well production. Moreover, in combination with the orthogonal experiment design method and grey correlation theory, the ranking of sensitive parameters impacting fractured horizontal well productivity are determined, and thus an optimal design is accomplished for multiple parameters of fractured horizontal wells. The calculation results show that the importance of parameters influencing the well production ranks as follows: stratum permeability, reservoir thickness, porosity, and the length of the horizontal section, the number of fractures, fracture length and flow conductivity. The preferred combination of horizontal well parameters is as follows: horizontal section of 1000 m long, 10 fractures (60 m long) and conductivity of 10 μm2. cm. In an actual field practice according to the optimized parameters, a significant increase was finally found at the open flow capacity in that well.
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Key words
Fracture parameters,Fractures (rocks),Grey correlation,Horizontal wells,Multi-factors optimization,Orthogonal experiment
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