Demo: ShopMobile II: Eyes-free supermarket grocery shopping for visually impaired mobile phone users

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops(2010)

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Supermarkets are one of the most functionally challenging environments for visually impaired (VI) individuals. A modern supermarket has a median area of 4,529 square meters and stocks an average of 45,000 products. We will demonstrate ShopMobile II, a mobile shopping system for VI individuals. ShopMobile II is implemented on the Google Nexus One smartphone. We will demonstrate how haptic and audio interfaces augment simple vision techniques. We will also demonstrate an interactive haptic feedback loop to align the phone's camera with fixed surfaces in the pitch and yaw planes. The estimated duration of the demonstration is fifteen minutes.
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augmented reality,cameras,feedback,handicapped aids,haptic interfaces,mobile handsets,retailing,google nexus one smartphone,shopmobile ii,audio interfaces,eyes-free supermarket grocery shopping,interactive haptic feedback loop,mobile shopping system,phone camera,pitch plane,simple vision techniques,stocks,visually impaired mobile phone users,yaw plane,feedback loop,user interfaces,base stations,haptic feedback,mobile communication,strontium,computer science,computer vision
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