Design of a waveguide slot array antenna for monopulse tracking application in millimeter wave

European Microwave Conference(2015)

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A practical high-performance waveguide slot array antenna in millimeter wave for monopulse tracking application is presented. At first, a novel compact architecture is developed to lessen the mechanical layers of the array. Several design parameters, including waveguide dimensions, wall thickness and slot width, are chosen to be helpful in dip-brazing process. Then the slot admittance, which taken the selected parameters into account, is achieved by using HFSS. A prototype is implemented after carefully optimized. Both the simulated and measured results indicate an about 3.5% bandwidth (VSWR<;2), with efficiency of about 65.3%, sidelobes lower than -22dB and a difference null depth of -35dB at center frequency.
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Key words
waveguide slot array,monopulse,millimeter wave
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