Formalisations of Capabilities for BDI-Agents‘‘Plans and resource-bounded practical reasoning’‘‘‘Intention is choice with commitment’‘‘‘ ‘Can’ and the Logic of Ability’‘‘‘Ability and knowing how in the situation calculus’‘‘‘What robots can do: robot programs and effective achievability’‘‘‘A logical approach to the dynamics of commitments’‘‘‘Agent oriented programming’‘‘‘Dynamic service matchmaking among agents in open information environments’‘‘‘Formalizing abilities and opportunities of agents’‘

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent SystemsComput. Intell.Artif. Intell.Philosophical StudiesStud. Log.Artif. Intell.Artif. Intell.Artif. Intell.SIGMOD RecordFundam. Inform., Volume 10, Issue 3, 2005, Pages 249-271.

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Intentional agent systems are increasingly being used in a wide range of complex applications. Capabilities has recently been introduced into some of these systems as a software engineering mechanism to support modularity and reusability while still allowing meta-level reasoning. This paper presents possible formalisations of capabilities...More



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