An aptamer nanopore-enabled microsensor for detection of theophylline.

Silu Feng, Changtian Chen,Wei Wang,Long Que

Biosensors and Bioelectronics(2018)

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This paper reports an aptamer-based nanopore thin film sensor for detecting theophylline in the buffer solution and complex fluids including plant extracts and serum samples. Compared to antibody-based detection, aptamer-based detection offers many advantages such as low cost and high stability at elevated temperatures. Experiments found that this type of sensor can readily detect theophylline at a concentration as low as 0.05µM, which is much lower than the detection limit of current lab-based equipment such as liquid chromatography (LC). Experiments also found that the aptamer-based sensor has good specificity, selectivity, and reasonable reusability with a significantly improved dynamic detection range. By using the same nanopore thin film sensors as the reference sensors to further mitigate the non-specific binding effect, the theophylline in plant extracts and serum has been detected. Only a small amount (~1μL) of plant extracts or serum samples is required to measure theophylline. Its low cost and ease-of-operation make this type of sensor suitable for point-of-care application to monitor the theophylline level of patients in real time.
Aptamer-based biosensing,Nanopore thin film sensor,Theophylline detection,Plant extract, Serum sample
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