Supramolecular Host-Selective Activation of Iodoarenes by Encapsulated Organometallics.

Journal of the American Chemical Society(2019)

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Supramolecular hosts offer defined microenvironments that facilitate selective host-guest interactions, enabling reactivity that would otherwise be challenging in bulk solution. While impressive rate enhancements and selectivities have been reported, similar reactivity can often be accessed through modifications of reaction conditions even in the absence of the host. We report here an oxidative addition of aryl halides across the metal centers in Cu(I) and Pd(II) organometallics that is assisted by the presence of a supramolecular host, realized via electrostatic stabilization and increased local substrate concentrations. When reaction conditions were screened to assess background reactivity, alternative reactivity (typically decomposition) resulted, indicating that encapsulation led to host-selective reaction trajectories.
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