Use Of Mip Oes And F Aas/Aes For Determination Of Ca, K, Na And Mg In Brazilian Cream Cheese


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In this work, two sample preparation procedures for subsequent determination of Na, K, Ca and Mg by techniques of atomic spectrometry in samples of Brazilian cream cheese were evaluated. The determinations were performed on two equipments, F AAS and MIP OES, which presented similar results, being evident the advantages of MIP OES since it is a multielementar technique with low operational cost and high efficiency. The first procedure was carried out by acidic decomposition (HNO3/H2SO4) in a reflux system, and the second used the alkaline solubilization with tetramethylammonium hydroxide. The accuracy was verified by recovery tests and the results were between 80 and 104% for both procedures. A comparison with a reference procedure was also performed and no significant differences have been observed at the 95% confidence level. The evaluated elements were not in accordance with the values indicated on the labels of all products, showing the importance for monitoring these products. The methods of sample preparation proposed showed to be simple, inexpensive, providing accurate and precise results, and are a promising alternative to be used for the quality control of these routine test samples.
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Key words
Brazilian cream cheese,acid decomposition,alkaline solubilization,F AAS,MIP OES
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