Graftage Coding for Distributed Storage Systems

IEEE Global Communications Conference(2021)

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To achieve various tradeoffs between storage and repair bandwidth, this article proposes to construct exact repair codes by grafting two codes C-1 and C-2. By replacing certain nonzero entries in the generator matrix of C-1 by zero, the repair bandwidth of the resulting grafting part decreases. However, it may no longer keep the maximum-distance-separable (MDS) property. As a result, the grafted code C-2 takes these nonzero entries into account such that the entire graftage code can keep the MDS property. The relationship between the bandwidth reduction of C-1 and the file size of C-2 is derived to optimize graftage codes. Our analysis indicates that these graftage codes may provide better tradeoffs than space-sharing.
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Key words
Distributed storage system,graftage codes,storage,bandwidth,MSR codes,DRESS codes
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