Platinum Complexes Of A Boron-Rich Diphosphine Ligand


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Herein, we describe the preparation, characterization, and reactivity of two Pt-II bis-hydrocarbyl complexes containing the 1,2-bis(di(3-dicyclohexylboraneyl)propylphosphino)ethane (P2B4Cy) ligand. These scaffolds are readily accessed from four-fold hydroboration of 1,2-bis(diallylphosphino)ethane Pt-II precursors. The electrophilcity of such frameworks is showcased by facile coordination of the strong Lewis base, 4-N,N-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP). Thermolysis reactions of [Pt(P2B4Cy)(R)(2)] (R = CH3 or Ph) show enhanced (and divergent) reactivity when compared to their "all-alkyl" diphosphine counterparts, implicating involvement of the pendant borane groups. This behaviour is attenuated by protection of these units with DMAP.
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