WISHED: Wavefront imaging sensor with high resolution and depth ranging

2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP)(2020)

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Phase-retrieval based wavefront sensors have been shown to reconstruct the complex field from an object with a high spatial resolution. Although the reconstructed complex field encodes the depth information of the object, it is impractical to be used as a depth sensor for macroscopic objects, since the unambiguous depth imaging range is limited by the optical wavelength. To improve the depth range of imaging and handle depth discontinuities, we propose a novel three-dimensional sensor by leveraging wavelength diversity and wavefront sensing. Complex fields at two optical wavelengths are recorded, and a synthetic wavelength can be generated by correlating those wavefronts. The proposed system achieves high lateral and depth resolutions. Our experimental prototype shows an unambiguous range of more than 1,000 x larger compared with the optical wavelengths, while the depth precision is up to 9µm for smooth objects and up to 69µm for rough objects. We experimentally demonstrate 3D reconstructions for transparent, translucent, and opaque objects with smooth and rough surfaces.
3D imaging,Wavelength diversity,Wavefront sensing,Phase retrieval
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