Self-powered plastron preservation and one-step molding of semi-active superhydrophobic surfaces.

Muchen Xu, Chunxiao ''Tracy'' Liu,Chang-Jin Cj Kim


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Gas-trapping-typically superhydrophobic (SHPo)-surfaces are useful for underwater applications only while their plastron lasts. Because the plastron unfortunately disappears under most practical conditions, various active approaches to supply ample gas have been reported, including the semiactive SHPo surface based on self-regulated electrolysis. Here, we report two major advances: (i) a self-powered plastron restoration mechanism that obviates the need for external power; (ii) a one-step molding process to mass-manufacture semiactive SHPo surfaces. The advances clear major hurdles for real-world implementation.
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Key words
plastron preservation,surfaces,self-powered,one-step
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