Evaluation Of Electis Bioreactor For The Micropropagation Of Malus Sylvestris (L.) Mill., An Important Autochthonous Species Of Albania

Valbona Sota,Carla Benelli, Brunilda Ҫuko, Elektra Papakosta, Claudio Depaoli,Maurizio Lambardi,Efigjeni Kongjika


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Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill., an economically-important fruit tree, is native to Albania and in many parts of Europe. It is cultivated as an ornamental tree, while its fruits are collected for food and a source of antioxidant substances. It is included in The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. For these reasons, it is very important to optimise a micropropagation protocol, in order to obtain great numbers of clonal plantlets for ex situ conservation and production purposes. A liquid culture in a temporary immersion system (TIS) is a recently-proposed system for large-scale in vitro plant propagation. In this study, lateral buds of M. sylvestris were inoculated in MS medium with BAP (1 mg/L) and NAA (0.1 mg/L). In order to avoid oxidative stress, different antioxidants were previously tested with the culture in a gelled medium, and the combination of ascorbic acid and citric acid (both at 100 mg/L) was selected for the following culture in TIS. Stabilised explants were then cultivated in ElecTIS, an innovative TIS bioreactor, and in a semisolid medium, after which the two culture systems were evaluated. Overall, the ElecTIS showed to be more effective for all the tested parameters.
apple, in vitro propagation, liquid culture, oxidative stress, temporary immersion system, TIS
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